Exhibitions and trade shows can be very frustrating, especially with the lack of proper organization and planning. If you are going there with a specific business objective to fulfill, well, you are up to a very difficult challenge!

Monica will enhance your experience whether you are an attendee, an event organizer, or an exhibitor.

Don't worry, Monica has got you covered.

No More

Manual Tasklist

Voice Announcements

Missing Leads

Monica is a mobile application that assists you during large exhibitions and trade shows and customizes your journey based on your personal objectives and interests during the event. You no longer need to install a new application for each event. Monica will be the only platform that you will use for all your events.


The Attendee

Monica will automatically plan your visit and provide you with a personalized track and a list of exhibitors to meet, customized to your personal objectives at this event. Monica will help you network with other attendees using a feature called "Wave". Monica will suggest attendees with similar interests, or that you met in previous events (as attendees or exhibitors). You can wave for your matches; if they wave back, a chat box inside the application will pop up to help you locate each other and meet.

The Event Organizer

Monica will provide you with a tool to schedule and send push notifications to exhibitors and attendees based on their criteria.  You will also be able to update the agenda instantaneously and on the go. Using Monica, you will have a better way to direct your visitors and give them a clear and efficient track, while your exhibitors generate more leads by driving the right attendees to their booths. Monica will provide you with custom reports to analyze the various aspects of your event.

The Exhibitor

Monica will help you list your company description and brochures. The attendees directed to your booth will handshake with your representative through the application and exchange their contact details. The latter will be able to enter the details of their discussion with booth visitors and a post-event action. At the end of the event, you will receive an action report on who to follow-up with and how. Monica will also provide you with a report of potential leads that did not make it to your booth.



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Richard Abi Chahla

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Bashir Omari


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